Bears at home for Christmas


„Bears at home for Christmas“
KLAus Und MArtin Us Kölle KLAMAUK Productions present the Christmas song by Ulli und Bär

A Martin Füg und Klaus Hußmann Production, filmed at Pine Desk Studios – a division of Victoria Downtown Studios

Postproduction: VicMac – a division of Victoria Downtown Studios

Special thanks to Heinrich for technical support, help with the musical realisation and the provision of studio facilities

„Bearing home for Christmas“ – Weihnachtsfilm 2007 by courtesy of KLAMAUK Productions – see the complete movie here

No bears were hurt during the production of this video

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Fernseher einschalten

© Martin Füg, Klaus Hußmann, Ulli und Bär Weihnachten 2010 · · Mail an Ulli und Bär