Weihnachtsfilm 2020: Credits


»Bear Window«

Maukl International Enterprises presents
A Klamauk Production

»Bear Window«

Ulli – Ulli Sunkid
Bär – Bär Sigikid
Bear in Quarantine – Alleswirdgut ProVidakid
Four Mice – The Swedish Mouse Gang
Piano Players – The two Dutch Sheep
Bears working from Home – The Clemens Bears
DHL Reindeer – Don Carlos Butlers

Martin Füg und Klaus Hußmann

Filmed at
Pine Desk Studios
a division of Victoria Downtown Studios

a division of Victoria Downtown Studios

Music by

Franz Waxman
from the Original Soundtrack of Hitchcock’s »Rear Window«

Walter Kent
»I’ll Be Home For Christmas«
Piano Cover by Neil Archer

Franz Liszt
»Grand galop chromatique« (Excerpt)
Rolf-Peter Wille and Lina Yeh, Piano

The two Dutch Sheep are playing a Grand Piano
provided by Annett Pianos

Golden Fridge Cologne

No bears were hurt during the production
of this motion picture

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